Experimenting with Cooking :D

The past week I have been hard at work – in the kitchen! I love looking up recipes and recreating them.

Individual Meat Loaves


Yes, I know what you guys are thinking – those are MEATBALLS! Nope! 🙂 I don’t have a loaf pan yet in our new place yet and we had a crap ton of ground beef, so I improvised and made mini meat loaves with mashed potatoes. It was a hit and my boyfriend really enjoyed it! It’s a recipe from my godmother who has since passed a few years ago, so this is my way of paying homage to the woman who brought me up with my mother. I’m sure she would make it twenty times better tasting, but just eating something from her is enough of a sweet walk down memory lane ❤

Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki


So it’s a blurry picture. I know. I was too hungry that day to care, and boy was it tasty as ever! I made a bit too much sauce – yep you can make homemade teriyaki sauce – but the chicken thigh meat was SO TENDER THAT IT BASICALLY MELTED IN YOUR MOUTH. I could feel my eyes roll back as I took a bite after bite. My boyfriend liked it a lot and I liked the fact that we were able to use up some green peppers lying around the fridge.

Loaded Fried Rice with Homegrown Green Onions


So I’ve been on a gardening kick lately – I love gardening things that are easily harvested and regrown. We are currently in the summer months and I can’t wait for my plants to produce more luscious greens for us to eat! I love knowing that we have the power to grow sustainable, environmentally friendly food right off our balcony.

Before moving out, I’d never cooked before. That’s right, I’m a cooking newbie, and more importantly, I’m a baking newbie though. But I’ve got my eyes set on bigger things (our stomaches!) and can’t wait to get cracking in the kitchen even more! 🙂

What have you guys been cooking recently? What are your never fail foods that you always make when you’re in a pinch!?