About Me

Hi! Thanks for coming along with me on my (revamped) blogging journey.

10384188_10154586625665352_4071169990541523740_nI’m Jessica, and I’m a 20-something year old from Vancouver (lovingly referenced by us locals as Raincouver!). I’m bred and raised in the lovely West Coast my entire life but has always been bitten by the travel bug. I’m lucky enough to have parents as travel agents and as a result have traveled across Canada, the United States, and various countries around the world.

My passions are: eating delicious foods, meeting new people, playing video games (let’s admit it, my boyfriend got me into playing video games!), and most recently, being a mommy to our new addition, Widdle, a tuxedo kitten!


I always thought I was STRICTLY a doggy lover, but the addition of Widdle quickly changed that and helped me convert to a full time kitten mommy. August 3, 2015 was officially our first month anniversary since bringing our rescue kitten home, and our lives have been sprinkled by her cuteness in more ways than we have ever imagined =)

I enjoy proving myself wrong (the first picture was my first experience playing paintball!), long chats with true friends over cheesecake and coffee, thumbing through colourful fabrics and yes, I have a deep affection for Canadian spelling (basically, the only spelling I’ve learnt!)

I’ve been together with my boyfriend, David, for almost five years.


One of our very first official photos as a couple back in 2010. It was basically love at first sight – I still remember the night when we first met thinking if I’d ever see him again and here we are, 5 years later. 🙂

I hope that you can take away a little dose of happiness from my blogging! I thought I would create a little corner on the internet to express my inner geek child and randomness.  I am always open to reviewing any products of interest. so please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

xo, Jessica

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