Balcony Garden!!!

*Insert granny scream here*

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to play house and do all the household work that comes along with it. One of my biggest dreams was to own my own garden, since I grew up on an acre’s worth of garden and lawns at my parent’s home. It was marvellous. My parents would pluck produce from their vegetable garden every spring and summer and it would be so delicious – I so looked forward to every spring to pick cherries and such.

Now that I have my own little home, I have my freedom to do whatever I wanted! Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury to have an acre’s worth of yard and gardens (we have a balcony), but I am DETERMINED TO MAKE IT WORK! *fist pump

As stated in my previous blog post, over the past weekend we visited our neighbour’s home next door and he literally built a mini jungle in his home – there were plants everywhere and he even installed a vertical indoor garden – which was GENIUS! He is huge into gardening (not sure about Lisa..!), and it was so amazing. You can’t help but to put a smile on your face when you walk in!

We face North East and get a shot of Vitamin D in the morning. It’s glorious. Except sometimes I would like to sleep in a little longer on the weekends, but it’s still glorious. Sometimes I like to stand on my balcony in my PJ’s and sun my office tan a little before getting ready. We have a decent size balcony, nothing too large (we rather have a larger indoor space), perfect enough for a grill, some patio furniture and a vertical shelf garden with maybe enough room to stretch. We still haven’t purchased any outdoor furniture yet so it’s completely bare (although sometimes I enjoy daydreaming about our furniture layout outside).  I dream of growing two rows of vegetables on the bottom, and two rows of flowers on the top. My boyfriend’s favourite flowers is the Pansy and mine is Lavender, so I’d like to grow lots of those.

Do you have a balcony garden? If so, what kind of goodies do you grow? I’d like to get some tips on growing your FIRST EVER GARDEN!! *continues screaming


Getting to Know Your Neighbours

The boyfriend and I are new to strata living, and have always lived in our parent’s houses where we really only see our neighbours in passing, and not really even knowing their names. Back in my parent’s house, I never really knew anyone who lived on our cul-de-sac, which felt very sad because we have been there for more than 20 years. My boyfriend, although he knows some of the people on his block, again only knows his neighbours by face and not by name and we would just duck into his house after we drove in his garage.

I’m a huge advocate for knowing your neighbours and having a sense of community, because not only can you help them in times of need, but they will most likely be happy enough to help you out when you’re in need!

Take for example just this weekend, we bought some furniture that needed to be transported upstairs. I, being the tiny girl that I am, could barely even lift up the box, let alone carry it to the elevator, and into our unit. We are pretty close with our other corner suite neighbours, Mark and Lisa and after one text from Mark, we met in our hallway and he actually helped out! Of co Not only that, since our layout is pretty much the same but flipped, we gave them a house tour of our place and Lisa invited us over for snacks and their house tour as well. We ended up staying over for two hours – the boys were talking about home renovation projects they’d like to work on and Lisa and I ended up shopping online together LOL. David returned home first and I didn’t leave until it was time for me to cook dinner XD

That made us feel so much better, knowing that we have actual friends on our floor instead of just knowing the person by face. Whenever they need help with something, we’ll also be more than willing to help out.

Do you know your neighbours as well? What is the nicest thing that your neighbours have done for you/ you’ve done for them? =)