Kitty Cat Loves

Recently my boyfriend’s cat has become super clingy ever since moving in with him.

For example, I took the entire weekend off last week (bunkered down in my apartment with pjs on all day, did not go out one bit) and I LOVED it! Except… my cat loves to walk all over me during sleepy time, cuddle on my shoulder/arm WHILE sleeping thus creating a mini portable heater (and when she leaves, her little spot on the bed is sooo warm!!), and when I plop on the couch after work she 100% has to jump on me and knead.

It was annoying at first but it’s been so cute – recently, she’s been even RESPONDING to her name when I call it on the couch and she comes running to knead my belly XD its the darnest cutest thing EVER. E-V-E-R.

We’re also trying to incorporate wet food into her diet. She’s been eating dry food her whole life and at age six, we think it’s about time ~ we may feed wet food to her once a week~ for my kitty cat readers, how often do you feed your cat wet food? How often is TOO often or do you even feed your kitty wet food every day?

My boyfriend says that she owns me and is using me as a pillow, but I like to think that she loves me and wants to be closer to those she loves XD

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