The Toughest may Actually be the Weakest Link

There’s this girl at work. Let’s call her Megan.

Megan is the office ‘mean girl’. She would storm her way past everyone without saying hi. She wouldn’t even glance at you. She would throw her work at you so she wouldn’t have to do it. Yes, everyone in the office rolls their eyes when she storms by and mutters under their breath. I huddle in the kitchen with the other lawyers and assistants and listen to their gossips about her. If you dare ask her how her weekend was with a friendly smile, Megan would spit back “fine” and storm away. People tend not to have a positive outlook on Megan.

However, on Friday, I was in the lunch room when Megan (yes, stormed) came in to the office. I heard her empty her purse out frantically, shuffles, and a loud ‘fuck this!‘ before having a meltdown. Keep in mind she doesn’t sit near anyone other than an empty lunch room.

Turns out she lost her wallet with everything in it – passport, wad of cash she was going to deposit after work, ID, bank card, and her transit pass. Megan called the transit patrol office and reported her missing wallet between tears and begged them to find it for her. I was quite surprised to have witnessed such a vulnerable side from the resident mean girl.

I quietly emerged from the lunch room to see Megan sobbing quietly in her hands. I awkwardly tap her on the shoulder, and to my surprise, Megan explained how she worked a double shift the night before and was going to deposit the cash after work. I listened to her rant about being a ‘crazy woman, she hates herself because there’s no way home’. I felt compassion and even though I wasn’t sure of the type of person she was, I offered her my own transit bus pass so she could get home. She shockingly accepted it and gave me a big hug when I passed her my transit pass. I hugged her back and told her to place it back in my drawer in my cubicle.

The Monday after (yesterday), not only did she return my transit pass, but she also returned more than the fare that was spent and also a sincere thank you letter. In it, she wrote how she’s never been treated such kindness before and how she really appreciates my random act of kindness.

Needless to say, I’ve kept this letter in my wallet as a little thankful rainbow if I need a pick me up day by day. Through this lesson, I learned that everyone is indeed fighting a battle inside, no matter how tough they seem to be outside.

Now, I don’t really see Megan as the resident mean girl. I just see her as just another girl waiting for a second chance. ❤


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