Small Space: Laundry Room Woes

Well well, I’ve run into my first rut from moving out of my parent’s (pretty much mansion) house into a condo without a laundry room with enough space for a linen closet, a drying rack, and other luxury items I didn’t know I took for granted.

What happens if I wanted to hand wash some clothing items and hang dry?!

We were already blessed with our own en-suite washer/dryer unit (I told my boyfriend I sure as hell do NOT want to buy a condo with a shared laundry room) and generously sized storage closet solution. But on those cloudy, wintery days where I still need to hand wash certain garments that I really loved, what would I need to do?

A bit of a background of the characteristics of our condo: we actually don’t have a standing bath tub shower (boo), but a glass shower with two doors connecting his and my private bathrooms. We don’t actually have rings for a shower curtain or that would’ve been an easy solution to hang dry my clothes.

Well, if your boyfriend is as Canadian as mine, you may have a hockey stick (or two or twenty) lying around the house (amirite or amirite, ladies?) I used to abhor seeing these ugly sticks lying around, but since we’ve got a pretty nice sized storage locker, it fits his ginormous hockey bag + sticks (angels are singing!). I thought one day, why don’t I try hanging a hockey stick above the glass shower door for a makeshift rod, and hang the clothes from there?

File_000 (2).jpeg

First, you’d need a bucket to wash your clothes in. Mine is nothing fancy for now but this will do. You have no idea how much I was praying that I wouldn’t bump into anybody in the building carrying that damn hockey stick up to my floor from the storage room, but thank God, I saw no one.

File_001 (1).jpeg

Secondly, hang the clothes on the makeshift rack from the good ol’ hockey stick and voila, you have a makeshift laundry rack!!

I was pretty ecstatic to find out that this little hack of mine worked for our tiny space. I hope it helped you with your small space solutions, and if not, I hope it put a smile on your face regardless! The things we ladies think of! We deserve a Grammy!


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