Productive Weekend and Mini Self Care Haul

We’re nicely settled into our new condo now! Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I finally picked up my office desk from Ikea and finally set up our little office, which I am SOOO happy and pleased with! It is by far no means complete, but we’ll make do with what we have so far.

It’s a room made for a second bedroom, but since it’s just the two of us, we turned it into a shared, practical office space. Hopefully when everything’s all set up and ready I’ll share some photos! I’m so pleased with the space that we worked with.

Anyway, today while I was waiting for the laundry to be done I went out to the drugstore to pick up some self care items.

File_000.jpegI don’t know about you, but WHO CAN RESIST HELLO KITTY?! I knew these were at the drugstore for a while already and I finally went out to get one. I was tempted to buy them all out but I practiced self control ~ haha!!

My favourite body wash was on sale so I picked up a bottle, along with a bottle of baby lotion for my boyfriend’s poor dry and chapped hands. My feet has been extra dry this winter too, so I decided to go for this brand which was having a buy one get one! I also stocked up on my favourite instant coffee mix. Funny story, as I am super petite, and my favourite mix was at the highest shelf, a cute nice old man saw me struggling to reach the box without knocking everything else off the shelves and came to my rescue. May your days be filled with hot chocolate and marshmellows, kind man!! ❤

Anyway, I managed to get back to the condo before it started blizzarding again and as I type this I’m looking out the window happy that I’m not stuck outside. 🙂

What’s your favourite coffee mix? I’d like to venture out and try different flavours~ ^^



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