I Survived an Abusive Boss

As I became older, I realized that I do not need to be the dumping ground for other people’s negativity and has learnt to say no when it’s time to.

I recently quit a stable position to pursue a more advanced career in corporate law, and the head lawyer was such a soul sucking, backyard school bully. I’ve never experienced anyone quite like him in my entirety of working experience. ┬áSince I was the only female in the law firm, that made it an easy target for him to direct all his mental problems to me. I stayed because I needed the money, because we have financial responsibility. But I knew that I was worth more than how he treated me – less than dirt.

There were literally times when he would outright verbally assault, humiliate and berate me in front of the team for nothing. He would grill me on questions he knew I didn’t know just to make me feel like a fucking door knob. He would swear at me to his hearts’ content like I’m worth less than dirt. He once told me that I am the least important person in his life to him and that I was not allowed to bother the other lawyers who will be more important to him than I ever will be. And this is my BOSS – in a modern, westernized country. I couldn’t report anything to HR because it was an extremely small firm and the big boss himself was basically HR. I could only do what I needed to do, and that was to escape. After spending a weekend wallowing in my sorrow and not wanting to go back to the office, I wrote him a resignation email after two months. I was going to be loyal enough to stay for the week but my health is wealth and it was slowly on a decline. On Sunday I gave him a notice stating that I’m leaving the next day.

Come Monday, and I legitimately walked out on the devil boss. What I wanted to say to his face was “fuck you for making me suffer for the sake of your business.” But I walked out at noon, and I never felt happier.

As I get older in life, I learn to not take shit from other people and walk out when it’s too much. Although I am currently unemployed, I am happy. And at the end of the day, I felt so much more relieved, and definitely STRONGER.