Dear Widdle: Please Don’t Grow Too Fast

To my precious four month old kitten:

My wish as a fur mommy is for you to grow up big and healthy
I want you to explore new corners, get your fur dirty and hide underneath furniture
I want you to experience what it’s like to scratch our furniture
And know that it’s not alright

I wish for you to grow strong and confident
Not afraid of your own tail or shadow
But to fight fearlessly and to protect your family from
The evilness of mosquitoes that linger in the dark

Can you remember the first week we brought you home
When you were tiny enough to fit in the palm of our hands?
You could fit in our laps while we crossed our legs and slept
Your little furry head sliding off onto the floor in contentment

It’s been a month since we brought you home and
Your growth rate has passed our expectation
Your obedience has brought a smile to our face
Your curiosity and desire to scratch our feet has brought us warmth

To my precious four month old kitten
I look forward to exploring new corners and watching your fur get dirty
I am excited to look for you underneath furniture and to see that you
Know it’s not alright to scratch furniture (except you definitely scratch our curtains!)

I’m so happy to have you, and I hope you are happy at home too. ❤

I am a cat-vert: bringing home our first kitten

To be honest, I’ve never had great experiences with cats all my life . I remember I was over at a friend’s house whose cat was deathly afraid of me (I don’t think I’m that scary looking!). Every time I was over, the cat would be hiding and probably shivering. I was even a little scared of them – what with their sharp claws that never seem to have a rhyme  or reason for them to slash out, their quick nibbles on your finger (now older, I know that is a form of affection), and their eyes that sometimes look like slits of black.

Fast forward to the future (now), and NOW MY FAMILY ADOPTED A RESCUE KITTEN FROM THE POUND! The moment I saw Widdle, my tuxedo kitten,  at the pound I immediately fell in love. She was with her other litter mates and I can easily say that she is the most beautiful! I couldn’t tear myself away from her and all the other kittens would be meowing and clawing at my poor arm for my attention. I was on the bus coming home from work when my dad texted me that the cat was finally home. I silently prayed for the bus driver to press his gas pedal harder, that I would run home a little faster (without tripping!) from the bus stop, JUST so that I could witness the adorable adorableness of our basically new born (12 weeks when we brought her home) Widdle.

I still remember it clearly – after a few hours of staring at the kitten, taking photos, petting her, Widdle wobbled to the kitchen towel we keep on the floor and started what I thought she was nesting. Lo and behold, she would actually make her first (and thankfully, only) “doo doo” on the floor. As luck would take it, I actually took a picture of her pre-nesting (cause I thought it was so darn cute):


Before I knew what was happening, she made an accident and it STUNK SUPER BAD. My sister and her boyfriend were also over at the time, and her boyfriend basically joked and said he had to leave now (he didn’t, he actually helped clean up),

It wasn’t actually hard for us to potty-train Widdle at 12 weeks. We placed her in her litter box immediately and kept her in there for a little while until she started getting fidgety. After every meal we would place her back into the litter box and hope for a miracle. When she did actually learn to use the litter box – LET ME TELL YOU, WATCHING A 12-WEEK OLD KITTEN POO IS THE CUTEST IN THE WORLD! – we would praise her to the ends of the earth!

Widdle’s been home for a month now and she’s free to roam where her heart desires (except the washroom). There’s been a couple times where we thought we lost her but it just turns out she’s really good at playing hide and seek, and I’ve passed her 10 times before finally spotting a tail poking out from under the display shelf unit.

Widdle’s really good at coming over when you pet a certain spot on the couch or even on your body. She’s a great TV/cuddle buddy:

unnamed (1)

The best part is her knowing when you aren’t feeling well, I came home early from work today and was supposed to sleep after taking off my makeup and sliding into my pjs. After diving under the covers, Widdle plopped her furry self on my shins and I basically stared at her and forgot about sleeping. 🙂

Having a cat-panion (cat companion, leave it to me to make up all these words!) is the best thing in the world and I can’t wait to share more stories and pictures of her with you guys!

xo, Jessica